What to Bring:
Pants – not to exceed two pairs
Shorts – not to exceed two pairs
Shirts – not to exceed 3, any type
Socks – 10 pairs
Underwear – 8-10 pairs
Swim shorts
Running shoes – 1 for running/wearing around and if possible a second pair that can get muddy
Flip flops, sandals, or water shoes – for shower and beach (optional)
Towels – 2
Sunscreen waterproof
Face stick
Shower kit: please have in plastic bag or mess bag that is labled
Nail clippers
Razor (if needed)

2 Sweatshirts (for Colorado only)
1 Rainjacket (for Colorado only)

What not to bring: will be locked up during camp.
Cell phones
Electronics games
Extra cloths
Ball caps
Cameras/ Photos – will be locked up during the camp. Camp staff will be taking photos during the camp.

**** Keep in mind this list pertains for during the camp. We understand many of you are traveling great distances to get to Camp Trident and may want your cell phone or other personal electronic devices for your trip. That is fine, but when we start camp these devices, to include cell phones will be locked up until the end of the course.