What to Bring:
Pants – Uniform pants will be provided
Shirts – Uniform T-shirt will be provided
Socks – 10 pairs
Underwear – 8-10 pairs
Swim shorts
Running shoes – 1 for running/wearing around and if possible a second pair that can get muddy
Flip flops, sandals, or water shoes – for shower and beach (optional)
Towels – 2
Sunscreen waterproof
Face stick
Shower kit: please have in plastic bag or mess bag that is labled
Nail clippers
Razor (if needed)
Pillow (optional)

2 Sweatshirts (West Virginia and Colorado only)
1 Rain Jacket (West Virginia and Colorado only)

What not to bring: will be locked up during camp.
Cell phones
Electronic games
Extra cloths
Ball caps
Cameras/ Photos – will be locked up during the camp. Camp staff will be taking photos during the camp.

**** This Gear List pertains to during camp ONLY.  When camp starts all valuables, to include cell phones, will be locked up for the duration of camp.